Achieve 1-Year Savings Goals with Term Vault

Embark on a dynamic savings journey tailored to help you realise your medium-term financial objectives with Term Vault, offering up to 10% APR.


Live rate (APR)

Gain Financial freedom

Earn daily interest

Withdraw interests in Euro or USDT 24/7


More gains, less commitment

Term Vault provides a higher return rate than Flex Vault, all without the extended 2-year commitment of the Blockchain Vault. Lock in your savings for 12 months to generate interest of up to 10% APR, accessible anytime you need.


Rewarding one-year plan with up to 10% APR

Deposit your EUR without minimum requirements or kickstart your journey with just 10 USDT to enjoy an annual return of up to 10% APR. The deposited funds will be released after 12 months from the date of deposit, making Term Vault your strategic choice for medium-term financial goals.


Money is only the means

Frequently asked questions

What is a Term Vault ?

The Term Vault introduces a dynamic savings solution, securing your deposit for 12 months with an impressive annual return of up to 10% APY if you are Ambassador (up to 7% if you're not Ambassador).

Within Term Vault, your funds effortlessly convert into PAR, a stablecoin EUR savings asset.

Thanks to blockchain technology, these PAR tokens are allocated to staking on MIMO Capital's Ethereum protocol and engage in cloud mining, generating income.

Term Vault stands out with higher earning potential compared to Flex Vault, rewarding your 12 months lockup commitment half the duration of Blochain Vault. 

Enjoy daily earnings payouts and the flexibility to withdraw or use gains with our Visa debit card.

Please note that these yields are not fixed and may change over time depending on market conditions.

How does the Term vault works ?

Discover our brand-new feature: the Term Vault!
Have you always dreamed of higher yields than the Flex Vault without the 2 years commitment required by the Blockchain Vault? Well, dream no more! The Term Vault Deposit Box is here to make your medium-term financial aspirations a reality, with a yield of up to 10% APY with a 12 months secure savings.
Lock in your savings for just one year with the Term Vault, guaranteeing steady growth of your money over time.
With the Term Vault, Ambassadors can benefit from an exclusive yield of 10% APY or 7% APY for non-Ambassadors. The best part? Interest is paid daily, accessible from day one.
Ready to achieve your one-year goal with the Term Vault? Then activate it now and let the financial magic happen!

Please note that you can create as many Term Vaults as you want in the Rayn App, which allows you to set up multiple seperate savings for your personal projects. For example, you can create a Term Vault account for furniture, an other one for your bills, one for your vacations and personalize it.

When you deposit Euros or USDT in the Term Vault, we automatically convert your deposit in EURO PAR, which is a digital euro backed by the euro and developped by Mimo Capital, with a 1-to-1 ratio, ensuring security and stability. 

The PAR is a stablecoin collateralized by more than 6 different tokens on 3 different blockchains. 

The anchoring of PAR is guaranteed, meaning that if PAR is traded at less than 1€, the market is incentivized to buy PAR on the markets and repay their debt at a reduced rate. All of this ensures that PAR always maintains a value close to 1€. 

Your digitized euros are on the blockchain and contribute to its development. The blockchain is the foundation of decentralized finance, through which your digital euros earn daily yields. 

If you make a deposit into your Term Vault before 5PM, the yields will be credited the next day at 5PM, this way it will allow us to collect your funds and make them available on the Mimo Defi platform. 

If you make a deposit after 5PM then the yields will be credited 2 days later because your funds couldn't be made available in time in the Mimo pool used to generate yields. This is why Mimo only takes into account your funds on the day following the deposit as they need to be added to the pool available to the markets. 

Please note that deposits in the Term Vault are locked for 12 months. All deposits made within a month will be released on the first day of the following month, 1 year later. For example, if you make multiple deposits into your Term Vault in December 2023, the funds deposited successively will be released at the same time on January 1, 2025.

Please note that these yields are not fixed and may be subject to change based on market conditions.

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