Upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2023; Updated List


The Solana network is a blockchain platform that is fast, secure, and scalable. It allows developers to create decentralized applications at scale. The Solana network’s support for

non-fungible tokens

is its key feature (NFTs). It is supporting NFTs projects and play-to-earn games due to its low gas fee and fast transaction speed. Finding the best upcoming NFT projects with a good roadmap, utility, development team, and artwork is critical for all NFT enthusiasts.




Here are the upcoming Solana NFT Projects 2023

The number of NFT projects on the Solana blockchain is growing daily, and their holders can choose from a variety of special utilities. Here are a few upcoming projects with promising financial rewards in the future.

Shutter Bots Club


SBC is an innovative project that combines the strength of NFTs with the photography and film industries.


The Shutter Bots Club is an innovative project that combines the power of NFTs with the photography and film industries. It will close the gap between conventional revenue sources and cutting-edge NFT projects by utilizing the most recent developments in Web3 technology. It wants to offer NFT owners and creators a special platform that will enable them to access various revenue sources from the active web2 platforms for photography and film. This project will innovate and simplify the Web3 space.


  1. Share of revenue from stock photography
  2. Considering $SBCT, which is the ecosystem’s backbone
  3. Holders receive monthly photography presets.
  4. Prizes for photography and video challenges



Blingz represents Gothic Degens' next phase of growth.


Blingz is the next phase of development for Gothic Degens, broadening the reach and luring new members to the vibrant community. However, they are already in place and built over the course of eight months of nonstop work. The unique gamified leveling system that the GD team created in-house will be the focal point of the Blingz utility.

Users’ levels will increase and their chances of receiving worthwhile rewards will also increase as they stake more. Blingz offers a variety of rewards for every preference, including cross-chain airdrops, specialized goods, raffles, and private consultations with generative art expert Gothic Goblin.



Aventar is a Solana blockchain NFT project focused on art, community, and utility.


Aventar is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain with a focus on art, community, and utility. It paired with a Web3 company aiming to onboard the upcoming user generation into blockchain and Web3 technology

On the Solana blockchain, Aventars are a collection of PFP NFTs. They are a group of NFT aficionados, art admirers, and change-makers working on a project. They began the project because they have faith in the area and want to support the ecosystem. However, they hope that everyone will enjoy and identify with the artwork they have produced.



WIzzzard is a Web 3 application designed to bring families together through their favourite activity: reading books.


A Web 3 application called WIzzzard was developed with the intention of bringing families together through their shared love of reading. “Read and earn” is the idea behind this creative project.

It will bring millions of people together to easily and amusingly explore the world of Web3 and AI. It develops a neighborhood of contented families that are self-sufficient and are improving the world. Families can make money using the WIzzzard App by earning WIzzard tokens while reading aloud in the app.

The Pirate Robots


A fascinating new NFT project called "Pirates Robots" combines the intrepid nature of pirates with cutting-edge robotics.


In a brand-new NFT project called “Pirates Robots,” the intrepid nature of pirates and cutting-edge robotics technology are combined. Each of the 200 unique pills in the project has its own distinctive design and personality. Also, they are all guaranteed to enthrall and entertain NFT collectors and enthusiasts.

In order to bring this world to life, the Pirates Robots team established a special Discord group where fans can interact, talk about, and share their stories. The online community is a hub of activity where users can find out more about the undertaking, interact with other fans, and keep up with recent events.

The Mirage


The Mirage is constructed on a cutting-edge staking system that offers users distinctive and worthwhile experiences.


The Mirage is based on a cutting-edge staking system that offers our users distinctive and beneficial experiences. By giving creators and collectors a platform to connect and engage in exciting new ways, Mirage aims to push the limits of what is possible with NFTs. The staking system will reward users for holding and using Mirage NFTs, encouraging long-term engagement and investment. The Mirage has the potential to revolutionize the NFT industry, and they are looking for investors who feel the same way.


The Node - Comic Book


The NODE is a groundbreaking collection of Action Figure NFTs.


The first-ever Action Figure NFT collection is called The NODE. The collection includes 4995 NFTs that are based on a dystopian sci-fi comic. However, they turned the NODE into a PHYGITAL project because the digital world cannot exist without hardware.

Its PHYGITAL aspect is that the collection is split into two distinct phases. The first phase consists of 999 unique book NFTs that open a members-only Web3 authenticated portal. However, it provides access to a physical action figure of each character as well as a digital and physical version of the comic book.

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