TUSD Monthly Report: April 2023


TUSD Circulating Supply: 1,995,320,235 TUSDTUSD Dollar Reserves: $2,001,517,737Ethereum: 755,713,270 TUSDTRON: 1,236,375,341 TUSDBinance Smart Chain (Wrapped): 18,000,000 TUSDFantom: 641,621 TUSDPolygon: 483,137 TUSDAvalanche: 3,086,292 TUSDArbitrum: 206,876 TUSDOptimism: 38,648 TUSDCronos: 3,156,124 TUSDBNB Beacon Chain: 145,016 TUSDBNB Smart Chain (Native): 318 TUSD1. 


On April 3, TUSD launched a new round of the TUSD-3CRV reward pool on Votium, offering a total of 15,000 TUSD as rewards to attract votes from vlCVX holders.2. On April 3, TUSD launched a new round of the TUSDFRAXBP reward pool on Votium, offering a total of 2,000 TUSD as rewards to attract votes from vlCVX holders.3. On April 6, the 30-day trading volume of TUSD surpassed $10 billion for the first time, hitting a record high.4. 


On April 6, SUN.io launched the TUSD/USDT 2Pool, offering stablecoin exchange services with low handling fees, low slippage, and low impermanent loss.5. On April 12, TUSD was deployed on BNB Chain as a native token, allowing users to mint or redeem BSC-based TUSD tokens via the official website.6. On April 14, the circulating supply of TUSD reached 1,287,494,646 TUSD, making it the second largest stablecoin in the TRON ecosystem.7. On April 14, TUSD launched a new round of the TUSD-3CRV reward pool on Votium, offering a total of 20,000 TUSD as rewards to attract votes from vlCVX holders.8. O


n April 14, TUSD launched a new round of the TUSDFRAXBP reward pool on Votium, offering a total of 2,000 TUSD as rewards to attract votes from vlCVX holders.9. On April 14, Web3Hub launched a $10 million Web3 global accelerator program with supporting institutions such as TrueUSD.10. On April 16, the market share of the TUSD-BTC trading pair amounted to 49% of the total market share of all Bitcoin trading pairs on Binance.11. 


On April 18, the trading volume of TUSD constituted 10% of the total stablecoin trading volume in global centralized exchanges.12. On April 19, TUSD became available on Stably Ramp, a fiat on/off-ramp for stablecoins.13. On April 20, Binance P2P supported buying TUSD with fiat in Vietnam.14. On April 21, SUN.io launched the TUSD/USDT 2Pool LP stablecoin mining pool with two-token rewards available.15. On April 26, TUSD was launched on CryptoWallet.com, a one-stop shop for users’ crypto needs.16. On April 28, Binance added the DOGE/TUSD spot trading pair and enabled spot grid trading.Community Activities1. On April 3, the TUSD team updated a new TUSD Q&A: “How does TUSD deliver high stability and transparency to its holders?”.2. On April 7, the TUSD team launched an Easter special campaign on Twitter, encouraging users to design Easter eggs with TUSD elements for a chance to win TUSD.3. On April 25, TUSD was invited to the Twitter Space AMA on “The Future of Stablecoins” organized by BNB Chain.Please note that except for the TUSD issued on TRON, Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain (Native), and BNB Beacon Chain, TUSD on other networks are all wrapped versions. 


Source : [TUSD Monthly Report: April 2023](trueusd.medium.com/tusd-monthly-report-april-2023-e95a3803acb0?source=rss-772e3d708a2a------2) by TrueUSD - Stories by TrueUSD on Medium by TrueUSD / May 08, 2023

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