Unlock the Adventure: Latest Updates in Reserve Quests


Learn more about the Reserve ecosystem while getting rewarded through quests.

The Reserve community has updated its quests, offering its members exciting updates for deeper engagement with the ecosystem and community. Participating in these quests offers more than just a chance to expand your knowledge. It is an exciting opportunity to earn experience points and unlock specialized roles, which come with distinctive badges to showcase your expertise in various domains. Below, let’s explore the structure of these quests and dig more into the benefits of the quests.

Quest Structure

The quests provide a structured journey for both the DeFi community and those intrigued by stable currency to delve deeper into the Reserve ecosystem. Through the completion of these quests, you will gain valuable insights into the potential of stable currency and how Reserve is actively working to unlock that potential.

The initial segment of the quests is the “Introduction” stage, which is divided into three levels. These levels offer a comprehensive introduction to the workings of the Reserve ecosystem.

Upon completing the three levels of the “Introduction”, you will be able to move forward to the “Learning Zones” that will enable you to gain specialized credentials that will grant you a cool badge.

Within each zone, two distinct experiences are included: the “Learning Experience” and the “Contributor Experience.” The former is enriched with media content designed to educate on specific topics, while the latter offers custom-tailored contribution opportunities that yield valuable “reputation” rewards.

The Learning Experience

Within the Learning Experience, members will have access to personalized media content designed to educate them on various Reserve-related topics. To showcase their understanding and acquire XP, participants may need to successfully complete a related quiz.

Contributor Experience

As members progress through the quests and acquire knowledge, they will have the opportunity to apply that knowledge by making contributions. These contributions can take various forms, such as crafting a meme, composing a blog post, crafting a tweet, or creating a video. For instance, they could create content explaining the process of deploying an RToken.

Contributions of significant quality and value will qualify for the Community Education Rewards program. Content that is of high enough quality may also be reincorporated back into the quest board as additional learning experiences for new users, furthering the reputation and standing of the contributing member!


There are four “learning zones” available for completion, each aligned with specific badges that you can earn upon successfully finishing these quests. The learning zones include: Minting, Deployment, Governance, and Staking. Finishing the entire learning zone (including contributor experience) will grant members the reputation associated with that role.

As an example, a governor can proudly showcase their reputable credentials, earned through the creation of multiple articles and videos that have consistently met the community’s high-quality content standards. This recognition serves to enhance their standing and influence when providing governance advice.

Those who successfully acquire all four badges will earn the prestigious “Advocate” role, a symbol to display their mastery across all four domains. Advocates will relish exclusive community privileges, such as the authority to bestow rewards upon their fellow community members. They will also take on the role of stewards, ensuring proper conduct within the Reserve Discord community.

Current Discord members who are part of the “Roundtable” are able to claim the “Rangers” badge to proudly showcase their original status.

Benefits of the Quests

By completing the quests, you will be granted access to The Roundtable, where you will get the opportunity to connect with other knowledgeable members that are actively contributing to the Reserve ecosystem.

Currently, access to the Roundtable is granted exclusively to Rangers – Reserve’s earliest members that helped pave the way for the ecosystem. Upon successfully earning a specialized role through completing the quests, you will receive access to join the discussion. Becoming a Roundtable member provides you with privileged access to the earliest alpha features within the Reserve ecosystem.

Furthermore, by successfully accomplishing these quests, you’ll not only increase your XP on Zealy but also enhance your standing within the community. Those who consistently deliver top-notch contributions will cultivate a solid reputation.

This reputation, in turn, will fortify the credibility of governance proposals and RToken deployment strategies. New members in the Reserve community will come to understand that the reliability of an RToken is supported by the reputation of the contributors who manage and endorse it.

Your reputation will also extend its impact, becoming a valuable asset that contributes to building a robust web of trust within the Reserve Contributors community. This web of trust ensures a smooth connection to the wider ecosystem. While our reputation system is currently off-chain, we’re exploring the potential of introducing an on-chain reputation system in the future.

Moreover, if you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, rest assured that your achievements will be acknowledged within the community through the Quest Leadership Board.


There will also be regular sprints held on the Zealy board. These are short contests where a selection of quests are chosen to have a fresh leaderboard dedicated to them that locks after a predefined time window. This gives all participants a fresh start, without previously earned XP giving seasoned users a benefit over new ones.

Upon launch, the first sprint will run for a full month and will cover the entire questboard. The goal of this first sprint is to give everyone ample time to explore all the content, new and old, and provide feedback about the overall structure of the onboarding experience.

Over the course of the first month, changes will be implemented based on feedback. Participants are encouraged to follow the #quest channel in discord to get updates on quests they haven’t completed yet. There also may be special bonus rewards for those who provide the highest quality of feedback (not the highest quantity!).

After this inaugural sprint, future sprints will normally be two weeks long. These sprints will cover very specific quests, encouraging participation in a more targeted fashion. These sprints will also contain the newest quests that have been added to the board to bring the experienced Reserve contributor back to the basics to keep information asymmetry at a minimum in the Reserve Community.

Rewards for these sprints will be more tailored to the specific theme or goal of the sprint and will be announced along with the sprint details.

With the continuous growth and enhancement of community content, older quest materials will either be retired or undergo updates and be re-introduced. This evolution will transform the community into an increasingly effective onboarding experience, supported by the community constantly raising the bar for the quality of contributions.

New learning experiences will, in turn, give rise to fresh contributor experiences; establishing a perpetual cycle of learning and contribution where the community consistently sets higher standards for everyone to work collectively to drive Reserve forward!


Members who complete all four learning zones and receive the Advocate role by Jan 15 2024 will also be eligible to receive a free Reserve t-shirt featuring the following design.


These quests have been designed to enhance your learning and engagement within the Reserve ecosystem while making the experience enjoyable through point rewards. If you have any questions or feedback related to the quests or the Reserve protocol, hop into the discord and community contributors will be happy to hear your thoughts.

Source : Medium / Nov 8, 2023

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