Filecoin dominates decentralized storage marketplace, Everlodge set to dominate real estate market


As the crypto market continues to grow broader, specific niches are capturing attention, with a focus on areas such as decentralized file storage and real estate. Notably, Filecoin is one decentralized storage project that has been in the spotlight recently for its outstanding performance, evident in the recently published Filecoin network growth stats.

Concurrently, Everlodge stands out as a dedicated decentralized crypto project tailored for real estate enthusiasts. Diverging from conventional tokenization projects, Everlodge adopts a dynamic approach to real estate ownership, fostering a community of native investors that sets it apart in the market. While these two projects easily rank among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, what makes them truly exceptional?

Filecoin (FIL) experiences significant surge, approaching the $8 threshold nearly 10 months after prolonged stagnation

Since Filecoin (FIL) dipped from its peak of $237 to settle below $10, the decentralized storage network has faced challenges in sustaining an upward trajectory.

Despite featuring a distinctive business model, questions have arisen about the true utility value of the project. A significant concern revolves around the noticeable gap between the project’s potential and the existing token price, which significantly lags behind its all-time high.

While this concern holds merit, Filecoin’s recent growth statistics present a different narrative contrary to public opinion. Notably, Filecoin boasts over 3,000 projects actively developing within its ecosystem, along with the integration of more than 3,200 storage providers into the system. Additionally, the official website reports nearly $40 million in protocol revenue.

Following the latest report, Filecoin has experienced a substantial surge in value, with the FIL price increasing by more than 35% to near the $8 mark in the past week — a level it last tested in February 2023.

Everlodge attracts native investors to its decentralized property marketplace

In another development, Everlodge has been gaining attention within the crypto community for its innovative approach to reducing the barriers to entry in the real estate market. Particularly, this first-of-its-kind crypto project is offering real estate enthusiasts the opportunity to co-own their favorite vacation homes and other luxury properties through fractional ownership.

To achieve this, Everlodge combines fractional vacation home ownership, with timeshare and NFT technology, birthing a unique property marketplace that allows users to pay little to own a piece of hotels and luxury villas.

On the technology side of things, the process involves digitizing hotels and luxury villas, transforming them into unique NFTs. After that, all essential information, including titles, deeds, and ownership details, is securely stored within the metadata of smart contracts. Once that is done, these NFTs are then fragmented, enabling users to purchase smaller, more affordable portions birthing the term “fractional ownership”.

Furthermore, Everlodge’s native asset – the ELDG token which serves as both the governance and utility token powers the governance of the Everlodge ecosystem. Beyond offering purchasing power within the ecosystem, the ELDG token can also be staked for long-term rewards, as well as to participate in the governing processes within the ecosystem.

Presently in an ongoing stage nine presale, the ELDG token is valued at $0.029, displaying a notable increase from its initial starting price of $0.01. So far, the token has demonstrated substantial potential for impressive returns, with experts anticipating a remarkable 30x rally on launch day, solidifying it as the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024.

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