ACE File Transfer: Web3 alternative to WeTransfer built on iExec


ACE File Transfer is a groundbreaking decentralized application that leverages iExec’s web3 infrastructure protocol to provide a secure and user-friendly file transfer experience. The dapp integrates several iExec components, including the iExec SDK, Marketplace, Confidential Computing, and the Secret Management Service (SMS). By combining these technologies, ACE File Transfer offers a robust and privacy-centric solution for transferring files on the iExec sidechain.Ace FT is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, similar to WeTransfer.

Say Goodbye to Web2: Introducing Ace, the Revolutionary Dapp That Prioritizes Privacy and SecurityWeb2 is broken, and it’s time for a paradigm shift that can restore our right to privacy and security. Enter Ace, the game-changing Dapp that lets you transfer files without sacrificing your security or user experience. With Ace, you no longer have to worry about untrustworthy corporations selling your data or centralized databases getting hacked.

Ace addresses the issues with privacy and security of Web2 by providing a secure platform for sharing files without a man in the middle, using cryptographic access control powered by iExec, which allows users to control access to their files. Ace offers a user experience similar to WeTransfer where users can simply choose the file they want to share, set the beneficiary as a 0x address or ENS name, and monetize their content using $RLC.

WeTransfer-Like Experience: How Ace Makes File Transfer Easy and Secure Ace provides a “WeTransfer-like” experience that allows you to easily share files with othersAs a sender, you can connect your Ethereum Wallet, select the file you wish to share, and enter the recipient’s wallet address or ENS name. Once you initiate the transfer, the file will be encrypted before being uploaded to IPFS. The location and encryption key of the file will be registered and encrypted as an iExec dataset (NFT) into the SMS (Secret Management Service) running in a TEE mode (Trusted Execution Environment) and sent to the recipient via the iExec sidechain

.Key iExec Technologies Powering ACE File TransferiExec SDK: ACE File Transfer uses the iExec SDK to develop and deploy the DApp, which offers a suite of tools and libraries to streamline the development process.

iExec Marketplace: The DApp leverages the iExec marketplace for managing orders and accessing computing resources.

iExec Confidential Computing: ACE File Transfer utilizes Intel SGX technology to ensure a secure and isolated environment for executing sensitive tasks and managing encryption keys.

iExec Secret Management Service (SMS): The DApp employs the SMS to securely store and manage encrypted secrets, such as encryption keys and dataset metadata.

The Logic Behind ACE File Transfer and the Use of iExec SMS for Confidential ComputingACE File Transfer’s logic revolves around securely transferring files by encrypting them before uploading to IPFS and managing the encryption keys and metadata using iExec’s SMS. The SMS plays a crucial role in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the data during the file transfer process.When a sender initiates a file transfer, the file is encrypted using AES-256, and an encrypted dataset key is generated.

This key is securely stored and managed by the iExec SMS, which ensures that only authorized parties can access it. The encrypted dataset contains essential information, such as the file encryption key, the IPFS URL, the file name, the file length, and a message from the sender.The use of SMS in ACE File Transfer provides multiple benefits:

Enhanced Security: The SMS stores and manages sensitive information, such as encryption keys, in a secure and decentralized manner, ensuring that only authorized parties can access them.

Privacy Preservation: By utilizing SMS for managing encryption keys and metadata, ACE File Transfer ensures that users’ data remains private and confidential during the file transfer process.

Seamless Integration: The iExec SMS is easily integrated into the DApp through the iExec SDK, simplifying the development process and ensuring seamless interaction between various components.

Trustless Environment: The decentralized nature of the iExec SMS eliminates the need for trust in a centralized authority for managing secrets, enhancing the security and privacy of the overall system.

In Summary: A New Era of Secure and Private File TransferACE File Transfer showcases the power and versatility of iExec’s web3 infrastructure protocol, demonstrating how a decentralized and privacy-focused solution can provide a seamless and secure file transfer experience.

By integrating key iExec technologies, such as the iExec SDK, Marketplace, Confidential Computing, and the Secret Management Service (SMS), ACE File Transfer paves the way for a new era of secure and private file sharing on the iExec sidechain.With its user-friendly interface and robust security features, ACE File Transfer sets the standard for future decentralized applications, proving that privacy, security, and usability can go hand in hand in the web3 space. It’s an exciting development that signals a brighter future for the world of file transfer, as well as the broader iExec ecosystem.

Source : iExec / Jan 4, 2024 logo


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