Akt.io: Next-generation wealth management app now officially available in Italy!


AKT.IO is proud to announce that it is officially registered within the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Italy since 29/12/2022. This registration is part of our strategy to expand our services to the most relevant European markets. AKT.IO officially joins the big leagues and other VASPs, including Binance, Nexo Coinbase, and Crypto.com, that secured approval from Italy’s OAM register in 2022. 


After being available for 10 months, AKT.IO has created a growing community of more than 100,000 AKTers (users of the AKT.IO application) within the European retail market, the financial tech platform distributed from Ireland with a French R&D team wishes to conquer more expansive spaces and target all generations with one single goal: democratizing advanced technology like blockchain or crypto to give everyone the ability to earn more from their money. 




With their claims, Your money has value, The 1% technology available for all” or “Pay by your rules, AKT.IO offers users a clear vision of how they wish to gather new users: AKT.IO provides a way to gain back control over money and savings.  

In the current financial world, most financial apps focus on easing spending. On the contrary, AKT.IO focuses on empowering your money. By leveraging complex blockchain technology, AKT.IO can offer a new earning possibility – the Euro Vault (https://www.akt.io/earn/).  


They revolutionize savings and make crypto trading easily accessible and stress-free with a brand-new way to help users make informed decisions based on a core proprietary algorithm that provides continuous analysis of the market. With over 90+ digital assets available, users can count on highly educational content and Market Sentiment, the intelligent algorithm, to help navigate complicated markets through insights and expert analysis. Giving users the information and insight to make educated decisions about their money while democratizing access and process to blockchain investments through a seamless  next-generation money app is what motivated Gael Itier, their CEO, in the first place:  

“With akt.io we want to give the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies to all and to give everybody the tools they need to make the most of their money. The traditional world of finance is often intimidating and many feel shut out, instead, as a result, the money sits stagnant in an account with little or no returns. Akt.io empowers the user to gain from their money with an easy-to-use interface offering beginners coaching and  advice through videos and tutorials on how to get the best out of their money and increase their financial autonomy.” 


Gael ITIER – Founder and CEO 


The upcoming WealthBot, planned for 2023 is an intelligent robo-advisor powered by proprietary algorithms and developed by an R&D team based in France. This customizable tool will automatically invest and manage buy&sell operations on behalf of users: 

▪ Create an automated portfolio tailored to your personal needs; ▪ Select an investor profile that matches your own appetite. 




AKT.IO founders met in London, a global financial center, and a city where major financial problems are most evident. The injustice in the financial system forces ordinary people to be content with savings accounts while reserving the best wealth-generating tools for only a few.  

They started in 2017 with an idea that became a mission – Disrupting the aging financial system by democratizing technology to build a better financial future for all.

The AKT.IO project has raised 27 million euros through an ICO to deliver better wealth management solutions all over Europe. Distributed from Ireland with development, R&D, and marketing teams in France, the AKT.IO project today has gathered 50+ like-minded people working together from 6 different cities across Europe to serve the common goal: give people back the power over their money.  

Source : https://ambcrypto.com/akt-io-next-generation-wealth-management-app-now-officially-available-in-italy/ 

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